Video: Antelope fights wild dogs and hippopotamus eaten by crocodile

Sometimes the odds stack against you, as was the case for this Nyala bull who found himself stuck between two rocks, a tough place, and a ruthless creep. A video clip recorded in South Africa’s Kruger National Park last month shows an animal fighting a pack of wild dogs and a hippopotamus, only to be eaten by a crocodile.

The video begins with a confrontation of a Nyala bull and two wild dogs. The bull’s right hind leg is already injured, and she maintains her interest in the dogs as she retreats defensively to the large watering hole.

But the antelope has another much larger predator that is cause for concern. Three seconds into the video, you can hear the alarm sound of the hippo removing water from its nose, and when the camera moves out, the hippo is actually approaching the bull from behind.

“Wow, look at that hippopotamus,” said an onlooker just before the hippo was charged. The bull hears it coming and spins around, using its horns to land nicely under the hippo’s lower jaw.

Then the hippopotamus retreats under the water as the bull turns again to meet the wild dogs that are still barking from the shore. Two other dogs join the herd, keeping Nyala’s attention while the hippopotamus lowers and keeps a distance. The bull does an admirable job of keeping the dogs off the hook while staying away from the hippopotamus, but once it looks like the antelope might make that pickle alive, another predator moves on to kill.

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While the bull faces the dogs on the beach with their legs submerged in the water, a huge crocodile stealthily approaches from behind – its eyes and snout are exposed barely above the water. The crocodile catches its prey by surprise, sways forward and plunges its jaws into the bull’s left hind quarter. The antelope whines as it hits the water, but by this point it’s already caught in the death roll. game over.

The video was captured in August by field guide Wayne Myburg during a safari in Kruger National Park. Myburgh shared the footage with Latest Sightings and said it was one of the most amazing encounters he’s ever had in his 13 years of bush safari.

“It was a regular morning commute and we heard that wild dogs had just chased a bull from Nyala to the Kila dam,” Maiborg explained. “Knowing there was a crocodile and about a dozen mare living there, we knew it could be fun and made our way there.”

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