Watch a Tesla Semi truck with Cyber ​​Rodeo cowboy art accelerate on a California highway


A white Tesla Semi prototype has been spotted again in California but this time with some interesting artwork painted on its trailer and exterior cabin.

The painting shows a cowboy riding a horse with his head down – a great piece of art that fits well with the culture of the Wild West – especially Texas.

According to Tesla owners and enthusiasts who attended the Giga Texas Cyber ​​Rodeo event in April, the Tesla Semi Cowboy board was built specifically for the event. Interestingly enough, Tesla kept it months after the event – perhaps because it looks smashed.

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Video of a semi-spotted Tesla accelerating on California Interstate 80. Credits: u/brookhouser via Reddit.

This Tesla Semi prototype was traveling on the Westbound Interstate 80 near Colfax, California. Tesla’s semi-prototype truck prototypes frequently cycle between the Giga Nevada and Fremont for testing and calibration purposes as we saw last year at the Tesla Fremont factory test track.

Since the Tesla Semi was first revealed in November 2017, the automaker has experimented with multiple colors on it. Initially, there were two prototypes, one black and one silver. Later Tesla experimented with red, then white and white is the most common so far but first painted like the graffiti art Giga Berlin.

Tesla showed off 4 white Tesla Semi Trucks at its first Megacharger station at its Giga Nevada plant in one of the company’s press photos (below).

Four Tesla trucks parked at the Giga Nevada Megacharger station. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Due to the very large battery pack, the Tesla Semi class-8 truck needs more power to charge the battery than a regular Tesla electric car, so the automaker created Megacharger stations.

Someone asked on Twitter how these trucks charge when you are on long trips, and we answered them in detail (Read the tweet below).

Towards the end of 2021, Tesla announced that the automaker had begun limited production of the Tesla Semi in its Gigafactory Nevada. But we still have to see an official update of the trucks delivered to which customer Pepsi was the first of many (check order tracking page).

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