When Jesus is involved, the nets don’t break

Most of the time, these weekly columns are my personal thoughts. You get to look into the muddied waters of my cranium. Some days I wonder why anyone would read this column.

Well, this week I have to give credit to someone else who provoked the thoughts you are about to engage. I had the opportunity to hear Rev. Josh Lake speak. It was like a glass of ice-cold water on the hottest day in August here in the Lowcountry. He connected with my soul.

I hope I do his sermon justice. If not, blame me for sure. Josh was talking about Jesus showing up in John 21 when the men went fishing after the resurrection.

A lot of times, we focus on Peter being restored after he denied Jesus three times the night Jesus was crucified. Other times I’ve heard sermons focus on Jesus telling the disciples to put the net on the other side of the boat because they were out all night and caught nary a fish. Instantly, the net is loaded with somewhere around 150 fish of good size.

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