When you can hunt in Michigan’s expanded bobcat season

When you can hunt in Michigan’s expanded bobcat season

A pair of bobcats survey Columbia Mine, a thousand-acre property adjacent to the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge west of Jasper, which is close to the southern boundary of the Southern Indiana Sentinel Landscape.

The Natural Resource Commission voted unanimously to expand bobcat hunting season in Michigan on Thursday, despite animal rights voicing strong opposition.

This means there will be a new season in nine counties, Kent, Ionia, Montcalm, Muskegon, Gratiot, Saginaw, Ottawa, Clinton, and Shiawassee.

The limit is one bobcat per person unless otherwise specified.

At the meeting, National Resources Commissioner David Nyberg said that conservation efforts have increased the bobcat population, which will in turn support an expanded hunting season, Bridge Michigan reported.

“We’re also going to be able to further support the actual act of conservation through the funding of licensed dollars that supports that work,” Nyberg said.

There will be an 11-day hunting season in the southern counties, and the hunting and trapping season in the Lower Peninsula will now be 20 days with two weekends, Bridge reported.

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