Where Do You Get Your Outdoor News?


An alpinist completes a fresh route on a Himalayan peak. A lawmaker proposes new regulations for public forestland. A regional search and rescue team saves a group of hikers who lost their way.

Every day the outdoor world produces a seemingly endless amount of news, and every day Outside editors sit through dozens of newspapers, blogs, and social media feeds to find the stories that you want to read. Our news coverage spans a broad swath of activities, industries, sports, and regions, and it feeds our daily What You Missed newsletter, features and op-ed pieces on our website, and even episodes of the Outside podcast

We’re always searching for ways to better cover outdoor news, and for insight on what topics drive your interest. And right now, we’re looking for feedback on your own consumption of outdoor news with this eight-minute survey. What stories do you want to know about? What newspapers and websites do you regularly read? And what format do you prefer news coverage: newsletters, digests, podcasts, or something else entirely?

We appreciate your feedback.

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