Where To Farm Electro, Aqua, And Poison Sacs

Where To Farm Electro, Aqua, And Poison Sacs

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Item farming is just par for the course when it comes to Monster Hunter: World. As you set your sights on stronger, cooler weapons and armor sets, you’ll have to acquire rarer items from stronger monsters. It’s what makes the game so addicting.

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Three of these items are the sacs: Electro Sacs, Aqua Sacs, and Poison Sacs. These are used primarily in the forging and upgrading of weapons that inflict their respective status ailments or elemental damage. You can only get them from specific monsters, though, so make sure you’re taking on the right hunts for the job.


Where To Find Electro Sacs

MHW Tobi-Kadachi (A Hair Raising Experience)

If you want to find Electro Sacs, it’s the Tobi-Kadachi you’ll need to hunt. While you cannot carve them from its body After killing it, hunts and expeditions that require you to fight the electric squirrel have a chance of rewarding you with them.

Investigations also have a chance of rewarding Electro Sacswith Bronze investigations having the highest chance but only giving you one, while Gold investigations have a lower chance of rewarding you three at a time.

It is also possible to acquire Electro Sacs from the Tailrider Safari. Sending a Palico to the Ancient Forest when it has a Tobi-Kadachi icon next to it has a 45 percent chance of rewarding you with an Electro Sac.

Where To Find Aqua Sacs

The Jyuratodus cutscene introduction in Monster Hunter World

Aqua Sacs belong to Jyuratodus, the mudskipper monster that you can find in Wildspire Waste. Just like Tobi-Kadachi, you cannot carve Aqua Sacs from the monster’s body, and must instead complete a Jyuratodus hunt and hope for the best.

It’s also possible to get Aqua Sacs from investigations. Bronze investigations have an 18 percent chance of rewarding you with one, but only one. Gold investigations, on the other hand, may reward you with three, but only at a 12 percent rate.

Tailrider Safaris in the Wildspire Waste might nab you an Aqua Sac if the Palico encounters a Jyuratodus.

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Where To Find Poison Sacs

MHW Pukei Pukei (Invader In The Waste)

Like the previous two items, Poison Sacs are the purview of one monster in particular. This time, it’s the Pukei-Pukei. As per usual, you cannot get Poison Sacs by carving up a downed one, you just have to hope for one at the end of a Puke-Pukei hunt.

Also like the other monsters, investigations into a Pukei-Pukei may reward you with Poison Sacs. Bronze investigations will only ever give you one and Gold investigations will give you three, but you have a higher chance with Bronze.

Tailrider Safari expeditions to the Ancient Forest may reward you with Poison Sacs, but only if the expedition plans to encounter a Pukei-Pukei.

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