Which is the best travel destination?

There is no doubt about that. Tybee Island is one of the most amazing beaches on Georgia’s 110-mile-long coast. We also know that Jekyll Island, once the playground for dirty-wealthy notables like Rockefeller and Vanderbilt, is the dream destination of island rangers who appreciate something about the charm and allure of beautiful, secluded getaways.

Because of their famous beauty, both Tybee and Jekyll Island are frequently mentioned in travel circles. The ideal would be to visit both sides of paradise. However, the truth is that visiting both destinations is often impractical. Many of us do not have time for a joint trip. And some just can’t afford what would have been the trip of a lifetime. For those who have to pick one – this article lifts the lid on which of the two makes a better travel destination.


Why would you prefer Tybee Island to Jekyll Island

For those travelers looking for a destination with more activities, Tybee Island beats Jekyll Island. The Tybee Island Marine Science Center alone packs a punch. In the center, travelers learn about the life of different aquatic animals. It will be a captivating lesson on starfish, snails or sea turtles while holding one or two sticky turtles in hand – fun and interesting. While there are no golf courses on Tybee Island, its proximity to Savannah does enough. And, of course, there’s the lighthouse, within its bleak walls which holds so much of the wonderful history of the United States. At the pier, visitors get the chance to watch dolphins, fish, or just relax with friends.

On the dining and dining scene – as well as entertainment – Tybee Island is more lively, vibrant and diverse. Perhaps the most well-known restaurant in Tybee, The Original Crab Shack offers unbeatable taste on a plate. No restaurant on Jekyll Island comes close. Then Tybee Island also has more grocery stores. These grocery stores are also better stocked than their counterparts on Tybee Island. And it’s not just a number. Grocery prices on Tybee Island are also modest. On the flip side, Jekyll isn’t all gloomy either. For starters, the Jekyll Historic District can get history buffs excited. For the fun of jogging on the green, Jekyll Island has three 18-hole golf courses. Jekyll also boasts a sea turtle research center, something that can be compared to Tybee’s Marine Science Center. Even if Tybee had more activities one could do and was a tad more active, we can say the difference isn’t very clear.

However, there are some holiday features for which there are no clear winners. For example, in dealing with the family, we can say that the two destinations share the spoils. Nothing is off the charts at both locations. The same goes for camping. Tybee and Jekyll both have hookups, clean showers, and generally camp-related amenities.

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Where Jekyll Island is better than Tybee Island

Jekyll Island’s number one feature is pet-friendly. Although Tybee Island allows dogs on the island, our furry friends are not allowed on the beaches of Tybee Island. Ostensibly, this is to protect sea turtles and other wildlife, which is fair enough. However, many of us love tagging our little ones. The truth is that they became part of the big family. And then Jekyll Island looks more modern and trendy than Tybee Island. The sights are even better on Jekyll Island – including below its beaches. Of course, this has nothing to do with his appearance or avant-garde vibe.

When it comes to bike riding, both Tybee Island and Jekyll Island are great places to kick back and all. However, Jekyll Island has trails, 22 miles long, that are more natural and more beautiful. Also, the winding paths of the Jekyll Islands don’t see as many crowds as their Tybee counterparts. On Jekyll Island, Driftwood Beach is among the favorites of motorcyclists.

  • Where can I rent a bike on a Jekyll to ride? One of the best places to rent a bike on Jekyll Island Jekyll Island Bike BarnIt is located at the corner of N. Beachview Dr. and Shell Road.

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Also, for those looking for some romantic privacy, or for some alone time, we go with Jekyll Island. This is because Jekyll Island is less crowded than Taipei. Jekyll also easily beats Tybee Island when it comes to parking. This is crucial for those who are going to be driving to any of the best holiday destinations in Georgia. Since Tybee is usually more crowded than Jekyll, of course, that alone affects the ease of getting a parking space. But not only this. Travelers will pay more – in parking fees – on Tybee Island than they would on Jekyll Island.

This is it. As we’ve seen, someone might say Jekyll Island is the overall winner here. However, it is not well defined or standardized.

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