Why it is important to study human–monkey embryonic chimeras in a dish

  • This work is the product of extensive collaboration and deliberation among all the authors. A.D.L.A. conceived the original idea and wrote the original version of the manuscript. V.M., N.B., G.C., H.D., J.C.I.B., W.J., Y.N., D.P., M.P., N.P., C.P.-A., M.S., J.C.R.S., T.T., A.T., A.R., and E.T.Z. provided conceptual contributions and wrote, edited, and gave final approval to the manuscript. J.K., Y.-H.L., and T.W. helped with editing of the manuscript. A.R. and E.T.Z. provided important conceptual contributions to the final version of the manuscript and, together with A.D.L.A., took the lead in writing, revising, and editing the final versions of the manuscript.

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