Why Monster Hunter: World Still Has More Players Than Rise

Why Monster Hunter: World Still Has More Players Than Rise

Even after four years, Monster Hunter: World still has more players than Monster Hunter Rise, and there are many reasons why this is the case.

Recent numbers show that, despite Monster Hunter Rise being the newer game, its predecessor, Monster Hunter: World, overshadows it in player count. Both are popular games and are the two highest selling Monster Hunter entries, with World being the best-selling Capcom game of all time. While the Steam player count may look similar, if not in favor of Rise, there are other markets that must be taken into account. When viewed as a whole, the successor surprisingly falls short.

Monster Hunter: World Initially released for consoles in January 2018 and came to PC that August. In comparison, Monster Hunter Rise released just about a year ago in March 2021, with a PC release this past January. Both games feature open worlds and unique weapons, with one of the largest differences being that Rise returned to the franchise’s roots in terms of having solo-only Village quests and multiplayer Hub quests, as well as adding a unique gimmick in the Wirebug — so why hasn’t this latest entry beaten its predecessor in popularity?

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Sunbreak's Elder Dragon

The first difference worth addressing is Monster Hunter World‘s availability. The game is currently on three platforms: PC, Playstation and Xbox. In contrast, Rise can only be played on PC and Switch. World was also released as part of the PS Plus Collection, which helps explain its larger player base since anyone with a PlayStation 5 and a subscription has access to the game. While these are certainly factors that should not be overlooked, there are other elements that should be considered.

One important factor is how revolutionary Monster Hunter: World was for the series. It introduced new moves and combos for weapons, as well as better controls for fluid and faster-paced combat. It also introduced the slinger attached to the hunter’s wrist. These all combine to create an entirely new feeling to hunting that keeps franchise interested fans while also drawing in new players from around the world. Additionally, it brought with it maps with no loading screens. Players no longer had to wait while traveling between zones. These all led to World being a game that is still loved and played to this day.

It is also worth noting that Monster Hunter: World is a more complete experience. With Iceborne adding Master Rank, its G-Rank equivalent, World has double the content found in Rise. This has nothing to do with the quality of the game as a whole. It is a simple fact of the franchise. Within a year or two of a game’s initial release, Capcom comes out with DLC or a version of the game with more monsters, weapons and armor for players to seek out. With Sunbreak on the horizon, it won’t be long before Monster Hunter Rise will have the same G-Rank treatment that World received.

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Another thing to consider is that Monster Hunter: World is the logical next step for those introduced to the franchise through Rise, especially for those who play on a PC. If a gamer found that they enjoyed the experience and wished to see what else Monster Hunter has to offer, they would look to the next most recent game, just as many did with Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate after Worlds release. When combined with the wait until Sunbreak arrives this summer, those looking for more content in the interim will naturally wander toward World.

Monster Hunter Rise may not currently have the player count of Worldbut with Sunbreak just around the corner, its numbers are sure to soar high once more. Until then, hunters will simply have to wait in whatever way they wish. Whether that means replaying Rise or trying out World is, as it should be, the gamer’s choice.

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