Why these vacationers choose the municipal camp site in Quimperlé – Quimperlé

How do you meet the regulars at the Kimberley Municipal Campsite? Site selection. Claudette, 18 years of loyalty, installed her caravan in the most shaded square that she “inherited” after the death of an old vacationer. To find it, at a time when the summer sun shines southern rays on Brittany, you have to sneak under the foliage that encloses its space. A resident of Bowker, in Var, found her bearings pretty quickly after last summer’s break at the Bay camp site. Infidelity enforced The Quimperlé camp site turned into a screening center for nearly two years. “Here, it’s a camping site on a humane and peaceful scale. Fleeing from the heat of the south in Finistère, at my age, we seek respite,” says the spirited octogenarian. Even if the scorching temperatures of recent days approach the less exotic temperatures of Neem country, she appreciates Equinox nights in Quimper during her two-month long stay.“With my husband, we stumbled upon the camp site by chance on our way to the Interceltic Festival in Lorient,” the vacationer repeats with a singing accent.

Scots Margaret and Brendan have been staying at Quimperlé camp every summer for over fifteen years. (Telegram/Patrick Hernott)

Back home by caravan

The municipal camp site – just behind the Jean-Charter football stadium, which is a stone’s throw from the Leclerc hypermarket and away from the city center for pedestrians – is not equipped with a swimming pool and does not offer any special service outside, courtesy of seasonal staff. However, tourists did not choose this destination by default, due to the lack of places on camping sites in coastal cities. On the contrary, such a step aside allows them to enjoy calm, away from animation and crying. “It is essential to radiate from Cap-Coz to Fouesnant to the beaches of Carnac via Concarneau and Pont-Aven,” confirmed Margaret and Brendan, the Scottish couple who have pitched their tent in Kimberley for five weeks for fifteen years.

It is essential to radiate from Cap-Coz to Fouesnant to the beaches of Carnac via Concarneau and Pont-Aven.

If lovers of the place choose the long stay, then many vacationers stop there for a short time, the time of a visit, a family reunion or a “summer pilgrimage” to his childhood town he left for medical reasons. This is particularly the case of Michel Naour, a retiree living in Indre-Loire, who came with his sister to follow in the footsteps of their past.

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By having a crash on the holiday route, Bordeaux residents Jean-Pierre and Dominique appreciated the tranquility of the place. They are planning to return. (Telegram/Patrick Hernott)

Random crash on the highway

“Over the years, tents and caravans have given way to more camps,” Margaret notes. “No wonder, the mobile home area is really not up to par,” said a mobile home owner grumbled. Sometimes it is serendipity that leads summer visitors to the outskirts of the city. “I gave my notice very early in my old lodgings in Brest. I wrote online: my camping site is free and cheap. And I got here,” says Ines, who had to camp for four days in a small tent before moving to her new home in Joren. For their part, Jean-Pierre and Dominique had to stop at the municipality’s camp site after a tire exploded in their motorhome. “We were driving down the highway towards Guelvinec from Bordeaux, where we live. We had to park in Quimperlé,” explains the retired couple who nonetheless appreciated the calm and fresh breeze – after a heat wave – at the campsite while waiting for a spare tire. They promise “We couldn’t From visiting the city but we will be back.” The only downside is the poor reception on TV, which forbids watching the Tour de France stages and getting news from the region when the Gironde forests are raging.

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