Wildlife Bill will provide approximately $18 million annually to Wisconsin

As National Endangered Species Day approaches, members of the Wisconsin Alliance of Conservation Organizations issued an urgent call last week for Congress to pass the America’s Wildlife Restoration Act.

“Every week seems to bring more bad news for our natural world,” David Clotter, executive director of the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, said in a statement. “Restoring America’s Wildlife Act is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to save our wildlife and their habitats.”

The Restoration of America’s Wildlife Act will allocate $1.3 billion annually for state fish and wildlife agencies to implement science-based wildlife action plans and an additional $97.5 million for tribal fish and wildlife managers.

The legislation is designed to provide critical funding and proactive conservation efforts to prevent non-game species from becoming threatened or endangered. At least 15% of its funding will be used on species already threatened.

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