Woman supported to kick man from second plane seat

Members of a popular online forum have flocked to the defense of a woman who was mistreated by a couple who tried to force their way into her reserved seat.

In a viral Reddit post posted on slot r/AmITheA**, Redditor u/Tessy23 (otherwise referred to as the original poster or OP) said she had bought a seat next to hers to ensure a comfortable ride but was disappointed when a man fell next to her anyway.

entitled “[Am I the a**hole] For not giving up my second “free” seat next to me [on] The Plane?

Beginning with explaining that she was obese, the original poster said she “really [doesn’t] She loves to tease people’ with her weight and often buys two plane tickets before flying as a result. However, during a recent flight, the original poster said her accommodations were blatantly ignored by the couple who thought the seat was vacant.

“I sat in the plane and raised the armrests to be really comfortable,” OB wrote. “Some couple came and sat next to me because they got separate seats and noticed that the seat next to me was empty.”

“It happened exactly what I was afraid of,” he added.

The original poster explained that she immediately became uncomfortable, and said that the man sitting next to her was pushing her whenever he moved. After asking the man to move to his reserved seat, the original poster said she was ignored, and eventually paid to involve a flight attendant.

O.B wrote, “I told him I understand but feel uncomfortable and paid for the second seat so it didn’t exactly happen. He refused again and started chatting with [girlfriend]. ”

I called the hostess and calmly told her what [was] It happens, “The OP continued.” I asked the man to leave my second seat and he and his seat [girlfriend] It gave me a bad look.”

“The [girlfriend] Something like ‘F**king fat b**ch’ muttered under her breath but nothing direct to me,” the OP added.

Members of the r/AmITheA**hole forum on Reddit were quick to defend a woman whose plane accommodations were blatantly ignored.
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Over the past few years, the discourse surrounding passengers on plus-size airliners has increased, leading to increased awareness of the mental and physical problems flying poses to some people.

Consciousness, however, does not equal accommodation.

Due to the smallness of airline seats and the insufficient space for objects of different sizes, many airline passengers are faced with the choice between feeling uncomfortable and spending the extra time and money required to secure a seat right next to theirs.

However, in 2022, rising fuel prices are driving up flying costs quickly, making a second seat an unattainable luxury.

Last month, online booking platform Hopper revealed, via ABC News, that domestic airfares have increased 40 percent since the beginning of the year, and are expected to rise another 10 percent in the near future.

With the current average cost of a domestic round trip hovering around $330, a 7 percent increase over the same time in 2019 (before COVID), and the average international round-trip cost at $810, the decision to buy a second plane seat isn’t as clear as it was before.

For some, the comfort of a second seat is worth every penny.

During the comments section of u/Tessy23’s viral Reddit post, Redditors were adamant that the second seat belonged to the original poster and the original poster alone, and that the couple (specifically the guy) who tried to take her out of her way are far on the line.

Redditor u/MolassesFragrant342 wrote in the top comment of the post, which got more than 22,000 votes: “It’s your seat. I paid for it.” “If this (non-class) couple wanted to sit together so badly, they should have paid for the seats together.”

Redditor u/AlternativeFox4627, whose comment got nearly 6,000 votes, provided a similar but more descriptive response.

“It doesn’t matter why you bought this seat,” they wrote. “You could have bought it for your ancestors’ spirits so that they could guide you safely to your destination and it wouldn’t be a matter for anyone but you.”

“I just bought this seat,” Redditor u/flaky-burnt added. “The couple that are parting has nothing to do with you. [I don’t give a f**k] If you were skinny and bought a second seat to ghost your emotional support! This is your seat.”

In a separate comment, which has garnered more than 6,400 votes, Redditor u/NoxWild gave the original poster’s advice on how to handle a similar situation in the future should it arise.

“If it happens again, don’t let them sit,” they wrote. “Close the extra seat and mention right away, I paid for two. This seat is not available.”

NEWSWEEK I reached out to u/Tessy23 for comment.

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