Yeti, igloo, pelican and more

The sun is shining, the weather is getting warmer, and summer is just around the corner! So get your beach chairs, sunscreen, and set up your hammocks or lounge on some outdoor furniture, because this is dang season.

Unfortunately, there is a slight downside to warmer weather.

If you don’t strategically prepare your cold drinks and fresh food, it can get wet, hot, and warm.

To avoid any spoiled meals or room temperature drinks, choose the best cooler.

Below, discover the best coolants currently available on the Internet. Options range from hard-sided coolers, soft-sided coolers, backpack coolers and more. Best of all, some coolers are on sale.


If you’re looking for a lightweight solid cooler, you’ve found it.

This RTIC stiff cooler is 30% lighter than circulation-molded coolers of the same capacity, features three inches of closed-cell foam and is impregnated with stiffness. Best of all, it can be carried by one person and features a divider and a removable top basket.

Choose from seven different colors.

Hot Pink Cooler Bag

No brand is quite like Yeti.

The Soft Sided Yeti Cooler is made to be durable, as it features a Dry Hide exterior that is waterproof and resistant to rot, punctures, and UV rays. You can also look forward to closed-cell rubber foam, strong magnets to keep it leak-proof, and more.

beige cooler
dome building

Enjoy an insulated body and cover that swivel smoothly in all walks of life using 10″ wheels. You can also look forward to a butler tray, two bottle openers and self-training cup holders.

beige backpack

Featuring a lightweight design and padded shoulder straps, this closed-cell foam cooler bag is the next level. Throw it over your shoulders and enjoy the leak and puncture resistance along with exterior pockets to keep everything separate and secure.

Blue and white cooler

Complete with a magnetic handle, durable exterior material and padded shoulder strap, this cooler is great for a plethora of uses. Take it with you on day trips, hikes, beach trips and more.

orange cooler

Perfect for anglers and kayak anglers, this dry box cooler is compact yet keeps food and drinks cool and dry. You can even throw away your valuable electronics, such as a camera or keys, to protect your goods.

gray cooler

Have you ever seen the best cooler look? Not only does it look great, but it also features ergonomic handles perfect for gripping travel, a non-tipped drain plug, and a secure lid that holds up to 250 pounds, so go ahead and sit back.

Purple and Pink Beverage Cooler

Is there anything cooler than a rear backpack? Fill it with water, wine, or a restorative beverage, like our ultimate favorite, BioSteel.

The backpack holds up to three gallons of your favorite beverage, 14 fine cans, and 12 standard 12-ounce cans of beer or five bottles of wine.

leapord . cooler

Choose from six different designs and patterns to find the perfect family cooler. The bag holds up to 36 thin cans and eight wine bottles and keeps everything cold for up to 48 hours.

black small cooler bag

Need a lunch cooler that doubles as a beverage holder? Then meet the two-part Carhartt cooler.

Details include two compartments, plenty of space for six packs, a top handle, and more.

black speaker cooler

What’s better than some cold drinks? Some great drinks and music.

This bluetooth speaker cooler is lightweight, waterproof and weighs less than three pounds. So enjoy some tunes, sips and cold meals.

Blue Chiller With Mint

Choose from eight fun colors with this Grizzly Amazon favorite. Looking forward to rolling up a rubber gasket, locking sides, shoulder strap, and more.

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