“You’re Officially Gay, My Boy”: Harry Styles Helps A Fan Come Out At Wembley Concert

Accepting yourself takes courage. Especially when you’re different from the “ideal” version of society you’ve been expected to fit into, either by parents, friends, or your own self. Sadly, you can’t run away from who you are, no matter how hard you try; thus, the next step is embracing it.

Coming out is rarely easy. All the possibilities of how it could go wrong run through your head: from abuse to homelessness, from tears to rejection from those you once held most dear. But on the other hand, can you really live your life in the shadows? Especially if your hero has your back, then what’s stopping you from reaching for the stars?

Harry Styles has been helping his fans come out during concerts and, with hundreds of fans cheering on, it’s hard to imagine it not being the most incredible moment of one’s life.

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Harry Styles loves to help his fans celebrate special occasions, as well as helping them find the strength to join the LGBTQ+ community

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Harry Styles is no stranger to interacting with his fans, especially when it comes to special occasions like birthdays, weddings, or building their confidence in coming out as members of the LGBTQ+ community. One of these moments happened during a show at Wembley Stadium last weekend.

During a small break, the star noticed a sign with the message: “From Ono To Wembley: Help Me Come Out.” He took the sign and showed it to the eager crowd, which then erupted into cheers. “So you’d like the people of Wembley to bring you out?” he asked the fan.

One fan took the plunge and asked for help during a concert at Wembley stadium: “From Ono To Wembley: Help Me Come Out”

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Harry grabbed a Pride flag from below the stage and said: “When this flag goes over the head, you’re officially gay, my boy”

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While the camera focused on the excited man, a beautiful smile set firmly as he awaited what was to come next, Harry bent down to pick up a Pride flag from the front of the stage. He explained the rules: “When this flag goes over my head, you’re officially gay, my boy. I think that’s how it works,” he joked.

Next, he started running around the stage, waving the flag up and down, encouraging the crowd to “make some noise.” Accompanied by a drum roll, the singer teased the raising of the flag for a few seconds, making the crowd laugh saying, “nope, still straight,” before triumphantly raising it aloft while the stadium went wild.

“Congratulations, you are a free man,” he told the fan, blowing him some kisses to mark the occasion. “Holy moly, the adrenaline!” Harry added, and the concert continued. But this is far from the first or the last time this would happen.

Running around the stage and encouraging the crowd to “make some noise,” he triumphantly raised the flag to the Heavens

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“Congratulations, you are a free man,” Harry stated, while the crowd went wild. But, as noted, this wasn’t the first time this has happened

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In July 2018, the singer caught sight of a fan’s handmade double-sided poster in San José, California, which read: “I traveled 2,846 miles to be here tonight thank you for 10 incredible shows,” on one side, and “I’m gonna come out to my parents because of you!!!” on the other. The fan’s name is Grace and she hoped Harry would notice it.

In a video posted on her Instagram account, Harry asked Grace if he could read her poster aloud, which she told Buzzfeed News she “thought was very thoughtful and polite.” In the video, Styles asks Grace her name and for her mother’s name, to which she replies, “Tina” and explains her mother is at a hotel a few miles away.

Another fan, named Grace, made a double-sided sign in 2018, one side reading: “I’m gonna come out to my parents because of you!!!”

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The singer hushed the crowd a couple times before he yelled, “TINA, SHE’S GAY!” The crowd cheered and it seemed Grace was getting emotional while the singer pretended to be listening out for a response. “Tina says she loves ya. Congratulations, I’m very happy for you,” he told Grace.

It seemed that Harry could indeed hear her thoughts as Tina was incredibly happy and supportive once Grace showed her the video. “Yes, I do love you and you can be whoever you want to be,” she said, thanking Harry for giving her daughter the ounce of bravery she needed to come out.

She wrote in an Instagram post: “I’m Bi! This year I’ve really become proud of who I am and I’ve slowly been coming out to my friends over the past couple of months. Harry’s shows are an amazing environment where I have felt safe and accepted and last night Harry Styles himself helped me come out to my parents and it is something I will never ever forget.”

Harry noticed and asked Grace for her mom’s name, learning she was in a hotel a couple miles away. So he yelled, “TINA, SHE’S GAY!”

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By coming out, a person is able to share who they are and what is important to them, rather than having to lie about their identity

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Skidmore notes that by coming out, a person is able to share with others who they are and what is important to them, rather than having to hide or lie about their identity. It frees the person from the fear of being “found out” and helps them avoid living a double life, which can be extremely stressful and demoralizing.

However, discrimination and hate towards the LGBTQ+ community is still prevalent in modern society. As summarized by Stonewall, only half of lesbian, gay and bi people (46 per cent) and trans people (47 per cent) feel able to be open about their sexual orientation or gender identity with everyone in their family in the UK, and two-thirds (64 per cent) of LGBTQ+ people have experienced anti-LGBTQ+ violence or abuse.

It frees the person from fear of being “found out” and helps them avoid living a double life, which can be stressful and demoralizing

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As stated by Statista in 2020, there were 1,026 victims of anti-lesbian hate crimes in the United States, making lesbians the group with the most victims attacked for their sexual orientation in that year. Furthermore, another 791 gay men were the victims of anti-gay hate crimes in 2020.

Considering the fact that 70 countries criminalize same-sex relationships, with 11 of them allowing the death penalty, and adding the fact that a quarter of the world’s population believes being part of the LGBTQ+ community should be a crime, it is not difficult to find reasons why acts like these are important.

One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, we’ll be able to walk alongside one another without fear of judgment or threats to safety

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A sense of community and the acceptance that comes with it is one that cannot be understated, but that only comes when one is able to find the strength to come out and accept oneself alongside the potential dangers that, sadly, still lurk.

One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, we’ll be able to walk alongside one another without fear of judgment or threats to our safety.

Keep it up, Harry! Continue to bring joy and inspiration to those who need it the most!

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Continue to believe in a happy world, and I wish all of you who are part of the LGBTQ+ community and those supporting the movement a very happy rest of Pride month!

You can watch the exciting moment here

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